Managed vs. Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting Servers are known for their speed, security, and reliability. In India’s web hosting industry, Dedicated Hosting is widespread, and it comes in two main types: managed and unmanaged.

Managed Dedicated Hosting Server is more convenient as experts handle server management, while Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting gives users full control over server configuration. Understanding these differences will help you choose the best hosting solution for your website’s needs and goals.

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What is Managed Dedicated Hosting?

Managed Dedicated Server Hosting is a Web Hosting where the hosting provider takes care of all aspects of server management on behalf of the customer, including server setup, configuration, security, maintenance, updates, and troubleshooting.

  • Pros of Managed Dedicated Hosting

  1. The hosting provider handles all server management tasks, saving time and effort for the customer.
  2. Customers have access to a team of experienced professionals who can provide technical assistance and resolve issues promptly.
  3. The hosting company ensures the server is well-protected and regularly updated with security patches, reducing the risk of security breaches.
  • Cons of Managed Dedicated Hosting

  1. Managed Hosting costs more than unmanaged hosting, as customers pay for the added support and management services.
  2. Customers have less direct control over server configurations and customisations, as the hosting provider handles these tasks.
  3. Relying on the hosting company for technical aspects means depending on their expertise and response times for issue resolution.

What is Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting?

Unmanaged dedicated hosting is a type of web hosting where the customer has complete control over the server’s management and configuration. The hosting provider provides the physical server and network connectivity, but the customer is responsible for setting up, configuring, securing, and maintaining the server.

  • Pros of Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting

  1. You can customise server settings and software according to their needs and preferences.
  2. Unmanaged Hosting is generally more affordable than managed hosting since customers are not paying for additional management services.
  3. Users with technical expertise can implement advanced configurations and optimisations to maximise server performance.
  • Cons of Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting

  1. Customers need to understand server administration and management well, which can be challenging for those without technical skills.
  2. Server management demands time and effort, especially during setup, updates, and troubleshooting.
  3. The server could be vulnerable to security threats and breaches if not properly managed.

Key Differences Between Managed vs. Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting

Aspect Managed Dedicated Hosting Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting
Server Management Entirely handled by the provider Customer’s responsibility
Control and Customisation Limited control Full control
Technical Expertise Not required Advanced technical knowledge required
Support Expert support available Limited or no professional support
Security Provider ensures security Customer’s responsibility for security
Cost Higher cost More cost-effective option
Time Commitment Less time required More time-consuming


The choice between managed and unmanaged Dedicated Servers depends on your level of control, expertise, and resources. Managed hosting suits those who prioritise convenience, while unmanaged hosting empowers technically savvy users to customise their servers.

Therefore, when deciding to opt for Dedicated Servers in India, consider your website’s needs, technical proficiency, and budget. Both options offer unique advantages, so choose based on what aligns best with your goals for website success.

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